Thursday, October 3, 2019

How to Become a Home Inspector

home inspector
Add value to your contracting business
with the new Home Inspection course.

Are you interested in becoming a Home Inspector? Zack Academy recently partnered with Axium Academy to offer a new, comprehensive Home Inspection Training course. This course will teach you how to assess various metrics of home performance and make reports and recommendations to prospective home buyers, or owners looking to make improvements. Offered both online and in-person, this course is a great fit for those involved in the real estate or construction industry, or anyone interested in a new career path!

Here are the steps for how to become a Home Inspector:

  1. Register for the Home Inspector training program
  2. Attend the training sessions and shadow expert Home Inspectors on real inspections, in person or by video
  3. Review videos, readings, and quizzes created by industry experts
  4. Pass the nationally-recognized Home Inspector Exam (fee included with registration!)
  5. Get to work!

This new Home Inspection Training program offers in-depth instruction on home inspection. You'll receive hands-on training in the in-person course, while the online course provides video instruction and live webinars. Upon successful completion of this course, students can earn a certificate from InterNACHI, an international authority on home inspection. This program is designed to provide you with everything you need to jumpstart your Home Inspector business.

One of the most exciting benefits of this course is that students will learn how to a variety of home inspections. In fact, students can think of this course as a six-in-one deal. This course covers:
  • roof and attic inspection
  • heating and cooling inspection
  • interior and exterior inspection
  • plumbing and electrical inspection
  • basement and crawlspace inspection
Additionally, this course includes an intensive marketing and business course to teach students how to sell their new skill. Students will learn detailed information on the operational expenses and market trends to expect when adding an inspection service to a small business. 

Students will also learn more about how to market their new service with expert tips on creating business cards, websites, and flyers. Students will finish the course with a specific marketing plan to help them keep track of daily and weekly activities.

In both the online and in-person course, students will leave class with customizable inspection forms to use on the job. This course also provides all graduates with six months of free membership to InterNACHI. A membership to InterNACHI includes a wealth of helpful videos, continuing education, message boards with inspection experts, and exclusive discount on tools you may need in the field.

Ready to register? Keep these tips in mind:
  • Do have reliable access to a computer with high speed Internet if you are interested in the online version of this course. Devices such as cell phones and tables can sometimes have difficulty displaying course content.
  • Don't be concerned about your experience level. This course has no prerequisites so anyone can register.
  • Do remember that you have the option to take the InterNACHI exam and earn the InterNACHI certificate in this course. Make sure you ask about it!
  • Don't hesitate to call or chat with Zack Academy for more information about this course!

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