Thursday, January 3, 2019

Trump Administration Unveils Federal Lead Action Plan

An inter-agency effort produced the new Federal Lead Action
Plan. This plan aims to reduce U.S. childhood lead exposure
through four points of action.

Last week, the U.S.  Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) unveiled the Trump Administration's Federal Lead Action Plan. This new plan is an inter-agency effort to reduce childhood lead exposure.

Developed through the collaboration of 17 federal departments and offices, the Lead Action Plan aims to reduce lead exposure by working with states, tribes, local communities, businesses, property owners, and parents. The plan focuses on increased public education and communication with stakeholders to reduce childhood lead exposure.

"The Federal Lead Action Plan will enhance the Trump Administration's efforts to identify and reduce lead contamination while ensuring children impacted by lead exposure are getting the support and care they need," Andrew Wheeler, EPA Acting Administrator, said in a recent press release.

Lead exposure has been a public health concern both at the state and federal level since recent crises in cities such as Flint, Milwaukee, and Baltimore made headlines. Lead exposure is associated with neurological, bone, and blood disorders. Although high levels of acute lead exposure can cause death, public health officials are more concerned about small amounts of lead exposure over a lifetime. Like all heavy metals, lead poisoning is cumulative. This means small amounts of exposure over time can build up and cause irreversible defects. The effects of lead poisoning are pronounced in children as lead exposure can interfere with cognitive and physical development.

"Implementing this plan will help federal agencies, along with our state and local partners, advance efforts to remediate home health hazards and keep children safe from lead poisoning," Ben Carson, HUD Secretary, said in a recent press release.

The Lead Action Plan summarized its blueprint for reducing lead exposure in four goals. The four goals of the Lead action Plan are:
  • Reduce Children's Exposure to lead Sources
  • Identify Lead-Exposed Children and Improve their Health Outcomes
  • Communicate More Effectively with Stakeholders
  • Support and Conduct Critical Research to Inform Efforts to Reduce Lead Exposures and Related Health Risks
The Lead Action Plan will help federal agencies divide and conquer the four major roadblocks of childhood lead poisoning prevention.

To read the full Lead Action Plan report, visit EPA's website. To learn more about getting certified to perform lead paint inspections or removal, visit Zack Academy.

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