Thursday, December 13, 2018

Delaware Announces New Lead Paint Rules Early Next Year

Early next year, Delaware will debut new rules on outdoor
lead paint removal. The new rules come shortly
after residents called for stricter lead paint laws.

Last week, the state of Delaware announced the expected arrival of new rules on outdoor lead paint removal. Some time next year, Delaware contractors can expect stricter regulations on demolitions, renovations, and other projects that disturb structures containing lead paint.

The new rules come after several calls from Delaware residents for stronger regulations on outdoor lead paint removal. In 2016, locals were concerned when lead paint was removed from a water tower in Wilmington. Some residents allege that the removal team did not employ lead-safe practices.

"We're watching sandblasting projects go with no oversight," Sarah Bucic, Wilmington resident said in a recent press release.

The dangers of lead paint exposure has been widely documented. Lead exposure is known to result in neurological and reproductive abnormalities, as well as blood and bone disorders. Lead paint exposure is particularly dangerous for children as heavy metal poisoning can permanently alter childhood development. As a result, lead poisoning prevention has been a priority at both federal and regional levels across the United States.

While the regulations have yet to be finalized, DNREC Secretary Shawn Garvin anticipates the rules will be in place by early next year. The new rules include a 30-day public notification period, which should increase transparency between DNREC and residents. The rule also proposes that companies removing lead paint from water towers through sandblasting must have a permit to do so. Contractors will be expected to perform their work in accordance to lead-paint safety laws.

The new outdoor lead paint removal law will join previous DNREC efforts to control lead paint exposure. DNREC already enacted a law earlier this year that banned future applications of lead paint on outdoor structures.

These new lead paint regulations could potentially save lives. To learn more about DNREC's lead paint laws, visit their website. To learn more about lead paint removal, visit Zack Academy.

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