Thursday, September 6, 2018

Seven Benefits of IICRC Certification

Restoration and Remediation Magazine recently explained
seven advantages of IICRC certification
for restoration professionals.

Earlier this week, Restoration and Remediation (R&R) Magazine listed seven reasons why IICRC certification makes a difference for restoration professionals.

R&R Magazine is a leader in the restoration industry, reporting on business trends across a variety of platforms. The biggest media resource of restoration news, if R&R is considered the pulse of restoration then IICRC certification is the heart. IICRC - or the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration- is recognized nationwide as an authority on professional restoration services. IICRC-certified technicians enjoy a host of benefits for their advanced training. Below are four of the seven ways IICRC certification makes a difference for restoration professionals:

  1. Customers Want Trained Technicians: "Any company can vouch for its employees' abilities and experience," Diana Rodriguez-Zaba, a veteran restoration company owner, says. However, IICRC certification shows to customers that a technician is thoroughly trained. Moreover, IICRC-certified technicians must maintain their certification with continuing education, which means they stay up to date with the latest industry techniques. That's important when handling hazardous chemicals and advanced equipment.
  2. Professionals Want Market Visibility: IICRC-certified companies get the benefit of listing their company in the IICRC referral database. When a client searches "restoration" on the Web, IICRC is one of the first (if not the very first) listings. IICRC certification can increase a company's visibility and attract more clients. 
  3. Customers Want Accountability: After a flood, fire, or other disaster destroys their homes, the last thing a customer wants to worry about is whether your restoration company can be trusted to see the job through. Maintaining an IICRC certification requires a responsible business model. When a prospective customer sees the IICRC logo on your company, they know you have valid liability insurance, vetted complaint policies and a national entity to contact for additional guidance. IICRC certification can go a long way toward building trust between contractor and customer.
  4. Professionals Want to Offer More Services: IICRC certification makes it easy for a company to do it all- from water damage restoration and mold remediation to thermography and structural drying. You can enhance your business by enjoying perks for earning more IICRC certifications while being sure you're learning the most relevant techniques.
IICRC certification can take your restoration career to the next level. If you're ready to make your next move in this industry, consider your certification options today.

To read all of the seven advantages of IICRC certification, visit R&R Magazine. To learn more about IICRC certification, visit Zack Academy. Zack Academy offers a variety of IICRC certification courses at all levels nationwide.

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