Thursday, August 23, 2018

OSHA Releases Silica Hazard Resources to Protect Workers

OSHA released some educational resources on the dangers of
crystalline silica hazard, and how to avoid them on work sites.

Earlier this week, The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) released several educational resources for respirable crystalline silica exposure training. The free resources are intended to help workers learn the dangers of exposure to crystalline silica, and prevent illness due to dust inhalation.

The free resources include:

Crystalline silica is a known carcinogen found in sand, stone and artificial stone. Those who work in construction, masonry, tiling, and other such industries are at risk for the dust particles to become lodged in their lungs. Long-term exposure can result in silicosis, a chronic lung disease. OSHA estimates that 2.3 million workers are exposed to silica dust each year.

Last October, the Respirable Crystalline Silica in Construction standard went into effect in order protect workers from inhaling the dust on work sites. The hallmark of the standard was its new exposure limit - 50 micrograms per cubic meter of air during an 8-hour shift. It was five times lower than the previous limit after scientific studies proved that even low amounts of exposure over a period of time can result in lung disease.

These resources are free and a great refresher for anyone working with or around silica.

To learn more about OSHA standards for crystalline silica, visit OSHA's website. To learn more about silica hazard awareness and receive industry-standard training, visit Zack Academy's silica course page.

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