Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Want to Join a LEED Committee? How to Make Your USGBC Volunteer Application Stand Out

LEED Volunteering opportunities are extremely competitive,
but the USGBC offers some simple tips to help your
application stand out more.

Each year, the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) calls for volunteers to participate on their LEED Committees. Volunteers get exclusive networking opportunities and other incentives. The competition is stiff- and this year is no different as USGBC only expects to appoint 40 volunteers. Luckily, the USGBC has provided some tips to make your application stand out.

Tips for your LEED Committee Volunteer Application

  • Be multi-faceted: Do you hold a LEED credential? Are you certified in more than one credit category? Elaborate on this in your application- professionals who have experience with the LEED system have a competitive edge.
  • Be unique: If you have any talents not specifically related to LEED- such as serving on a research team, public speaking, foreign language skills, a background in another field- this is your opportunity to sell them. Your unique experiences can bring a new perspective to committees.
  • Speak up on changes: Do you have ideas on how the LEED rating system could be improved to better serve your sector? Do you see unique opportunities for LEED in your region? Do you have suggestions on how improve the LEED certification process? LEED Committees put ideas into action- put your ideas on your application.
  • Work a USGBC member organization: This one is a requirement for volunteers. If your company is not a member yet, tiered membership options are available.

Some of this year's most interesting projects include sustainability initiatives in public schools and Chicago's Greenbuild expo. More volunteer opportunities are available depending on experience level.

For USGBC members, serving on a LEED Committee can be an amazing opportunity to further their career. Volunteers collaborate with leaders in various industries- such as engineering, public health, wildlife conservation, and more- to come up with real solutions to tackle's today's sustainability issues. LEED professionals can even report up to half of their volunteering hours as continuing education.

To learn more about LEED volunteering opportunities, visit the USGBC website. To learn more about LEED exam prep and LEED continuing education, visit Zack Academy.

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