Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Five of the Most In-Demand Jobs in 2018

in-demand jobs 2018
Popular job board, Indeed.com, compiled a list of the most
in-demand jobs in the United States. Many of them are in construction
and technology- and Zack Academy offers the tools get you started.

Recently, the popular job board website Indeed.com released a list of the most in-demand jobs in the United States. Compiling its list based on salary and opportunity for growth, researchers found substantial opportunity in construction and technology.

Some of the jobs on this list don't even require a college degree; however, all of them require dedication, commitment and a diverse skill set. The top earners in each of these careers all broaden their trade by possessing excellent leadership, communication and analytic skills. To enhance your own resume, consider the vast resources of business practices and computer training courses offered by Zack Academy.

Here are five of the 25 most highly careers according to Indeed:

Pre-Construction Manager
Average salary: $91,247
The Pre-Construction Manager estimates the costs of a building project- and reduces them. Pre-Construction Managers typically handle all documentation of a project, and often participate in the proposal and bidding processes. Usually employed by a construction firm or a consulting company, the Pre-Construction Manager must have excellent analytical skills, communication skills and a vast knowledge of the construction industry.

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Agile Coach
Average salary: $122,459
Agile Coaches teach teams of software developers how to work more efficiently using the Agile project management method. This method challenges traditional setups, so Agile Coaches are often implementing new practices in a business for the first time. Beyond experience in computer programming and software development, Agile Coaches must possess exceptional communication skills in order to mentor entire workforces on new industry standards. Aspiring Agile Coaches can get their start with a Scrum Coach or Scrum Master certification.

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Plumbing Engineer
Average salary: $69,540
A plumber can fix your pipes, but a Plumbing Engineer can draft, build, and install your entire piping system. Plumbing Engineers typically work on large projects such as designing a sewage system for a new housing development. Although their work does not always directly involve repairing pipes, Plumbing Engineers can still benefit from a strong foundation of plumbing basics.

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Construction Superintendent (Foreman)
Average salary: $73,656
Construction Superintendents supervise and facilitate every aspect of a construction project once its underway. Superintendents are often "the face" of a project- which means they are called on to report progress to owners and are responsible for the quality of the project. Depending on the construction team, Construction Superintendents sometimes step in to physically assist the project. Besides experience in construction, Superintendents must have great communication and leadership skills to be in a managerial role.

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Commercial Real Estate Agent
Average salary: $62,866
Commercial real estate agents serve as the leasing and sales representatives for business properties. Selling commercial properties usually takes much longer than selling residential properties, and involves intense amounts of financial information and analytics. Commercial real estate agents must have experience in real estate - particularly real estate laws - and a strong financial background.

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