Tuesday, March 6, 2018

New Online NYC-Compliant OSHA Courses at Zack Academy

If you follow our blog you may have seen our October 2017 post about New York City’s Bill Intro 1447, which requires all construction workers to receive at least 40 hours of safety training by December 2018, 10 hours of which were to be completed by March 1, 2018. In other words, if you are a construction worker and have not yet completed your 10 hours of training then you could face a fine. The only exceptions are workers who have completed a 40-hour training in the past five years, or workers who have completed a 100-hour safety training course - often required by apprenticeship programs.

Lucky for our readers, Zack Academy recently launched one of the only fully online, on-demand set of OSHA courses approved by New York City! This state-of-the-art course utilizes easy to use voice technology, which requires students to call an 800 number every two hours to verify their voice. The courses are also significantly cheaper than in-person training, so that’s a major plus as well! Remember, in order to be NYC-compliant you must complete your training in-person or online from a New York City approved trainer.

Below we have provided links to all three online, NYC-compliant OSHA Construction Industry courses:

10-Hour ONLINE OSHA Construction English Training

10-Hour ONLINE OSHA Construction Spanish Course

30-Hour ONLINE OSHA Construction English Training

Please comment below with any questions!

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