Monday, November 27, 2017

Five Tips to Lower Your Energy Bill This Winter

Property owners don't have to overhaul their heating system in order to
save money on energy bills. These five energy-efficient tips are
simple and cost-effective ways to save money this season.

Every winter, property owners are tasked with the challenge of keeping energy bills down as the need for indoor heating rises. Often times, homeowners and landlords fear they must overhaul their entire heating system in order to see savings, but there are usually several energy-efficient solutions available. With the weather only getting colder, here are five tips for property owners to increase energy performance and save money on fuel costs:
  1. Insulate. Replacing or improving the insulation in homes can make a huge difference in energy costs. Proper insulation will retain heat in a structure and reduce the need for all-day, all-night use of the heater. Recycled and eco-friendly options have made insulation cheaper than ever before, so auditing your property for insulation deficits is worth a shot. 
  2. Replace the boiler. Many beautiful, historic homes have equally aging boilers to complement them. Built during a time when fuel was abundant and cheap, old boilers can be a massive source of power consumption. Servicing or even upgrading an inefficient boiler can drive down energy bills. 
  3. Sealing windows and doors. Cracked windows and old doors allow precious heat to escape from properties during the window. Fixing the seals on windows and doors is much cheaper than a new heating system - but it can often times save homeowners just as much money in the long run. 
  4. Heating controls. Energy-efficient thermostats, radiator valves and other heating controls can allocate heat to the areas that need it instead of wasting energy by heating the whole property. Newer models can even be set with a timer so that if homeowners are gone during the day at work, heat won't be wasted on an empty house. 
  5. Energy-efficient lighting. Low-energy fluorescent light bulbs or light emitting diodes give maximum brightness with minimum impact on the energy bill. As heater use is inevitable during winter, homeowners should look at reducing their energy consumption in other areas, too. 
With these five energy-efficient solutions, homeowners can spend more time enjoying the season and less time worrying about their next energy bill. Review your home's energy performance and see the savings in your own wallet.

To learn more about energy auditing, visit Zack Academy's energy efficiency homepage.

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