Wednesday, June 28, 2017

OSHA to Delay Record Keeping Rule to December

In light of complaints and lawsuit, it seems that OSHA
will delay its record keeping rule and review controversial

OSHA has announced that it might delay to December 1st the date by which some employers are legally required to electronically report workplace injury information from 2016. The original mandate, declared in January, would have set the deadline at July 1st.

The mandate has proved contentious. Proponents state increased transparency over workplace injuries will protect workers. Yet, several industry leaders, such as the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), filed a lawsuit challenging OSHA's right to issue the electronic reporting rule. Because the mandate would publicly release injury logs, stakeholders raised concerns over OSHA inspectors being able to cite employers without a formal complaint from workers.

On May 5, several construction industry associations submitted a formal request to review the rule's impact on workplace safety. OSHA has indicated that it intends to re-examine certain provisions in its final rule.

Further news is expected in December 2017. To learn more about the record keeping rule, visit OSHA's press release site. To learn more about OSHA certification training, visit Zack Academy's OSHA homepage.

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