Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Tenth Annual Global Energy Efficiency Conference Opens in D.C.

The tenth annual Energy Efficiency Global Forum in D.C. introduced
an action plan to increase building efficiency and announced two
major companies joining its sustainability initiative.

Last week, the Alliance to Save Energy commenced its tenth annual Energy Efficiency Global Forum in Washington, D.C. The alliance worked with more than 50 environmental and energy organizations to develop the Systems Efficiency Initiative, a blueprint to increase building efficiency.

The blueprint was one of the highlights of the conference, and focused on encouraging the building industry to incentivize and capitalize on building efficiency. The plan also offers 84 specific recommendations for Congress, federal agencies, state and local governments, and utility and building professionals to incorporate sustainable design. Some examples include the recommendation of building codes to include system performance requirements, which would make all new buildings energy efficient.

"We've known for years that while we need to continue making progress on the efficiency of individual components in buildings, we can't meet our goals without also looking at buildings holistically and taking a systems approach," Kateri Callahan, president of Alliance to Save Energy, said in a recent press release.

In addition to the blueprint, the forum also discussed topics such as making renewable energy more accessible and new technologies that would allow smarter interactions between building component systems for efficiency.

Another keynote of the forum was the announcement of two new companies partnering with the alliance in its EP100, a global initiative of business that have pledged to double their energy productivity through sustainability. The two major companies - H&M, the international retail giant, and Cree, an American LED lighting company - will have major impact on the consumer level of energy efficiency. H&M alone has more than 4,000 retail locations around the world.

"We have long been working to reduce our climate impact and recently launched our new commitment to achieve a climate positive value," Pierre Borjesson, the global sustainability business expert for H&M, said in a recent press release.

To read more about the Energy Efficiency Global Forum, visit the conference's homepage. To learn more about energy efficiency training and get certified to work in this exciting industry, visit Zack Academy.

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