Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Ohio Creates Database of Homes With Lead Paint Hazards

Ohio’s Department of Health has created a new database of homes in the state that have serious lead paint problems. According to the Department of Health's website, "As a result of their non-compliance, property owners have been issued an order to vacate the properties because they contain known lead hazards and have been declared unsafe for human occupation, especially for children younger than six years old and pregnant women. This means that no person should be living in these properties until the identified lead hazards have been corrected, the properties pass a clearance examination, and the lead hazard control order has been lifted by the Ohio Department of Health or its delegated local board of health."

There are just over 500 properties listed, most of which are in older cities, but health officials say this is just a small portion of the number of affect homes. Even so, it's a start and gives renters and home buyers a chance to understand the possible lead hazards in homes they plan to rent or buy.

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