Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Indiana Highway Expecting Construction Boom this Month

Indiana industry workers can expect to see several highway
projects rolled out this spring; INDO will expand 
Interstate 64, 65 and Indiana Toll Road.

The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) will undertake several highway projects this spring. The projects include expansions on Interstate 94, Interstate 65, the Indiana Toll Road and bridge replacements on Interstate 65.

The widening of Interstate 65 should begin mid March. The project will add a third northbound lane and a third southbound lane to the infrastructure. By transforming the outside shoulders into travel lanes, INDOT hopes to accommodate the state's traffic volume. The 12-mile project will be executed by Walsh Construction Co. II and Parsons Transportation Group for $62.1 million.

Additionally, I-65's bridges will be replaced. Further north of I-65, INDOT will begin remediating a stretch of concrete. This project will include patching spots along the highway, installing dowel rods to support areas of strain, and seal bridge joints.

Interstate 94 will receive concrete pavement restoration, bridge deck replacement and bridge painting. The $45 million "Restore 94" project will also include drainage improvements to enhance traffic and safety along state lines.

Finally, The Indiana Toll Road's $200 million project will repave 73 miles and rehabilitate 53 bridges. The project will also implement fiber optic cable to support transportation systems which communicate traffic and safety-related information along the road

“With the weather unseasonably warm and cooperating with us, we are very excited to get an early start on the 80/90 PUSH Project’s improvements this year," Nic Barr, chief executive officer for the Indiana Toll Road Concession Co, said in a recent press release.

Overall, industry workers in the region can expect the projects to continue for at least another two years. This uptick in activity seems like a promising start to construction season. 

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