Tuesday, February 14, 2017

New York City's New Construction Superintendent Rule

New York City's Department of Buildings reminds construction workers of the 
revised Construction Superintendent Rule - complete with penalties
for those in violation.

This Monday, New York City's Department of Buildings sent an industry-wide reminder of the recently revised Construction Superintendent Rule. The reminder specifies the responsibilities of Construction Superintendents, and the penalties of violations against the rule.

As per 1 RCNY §3301-02 of the New York City Building Code, the Department reminds Construction Superintendents that:
  1. Registered Construction Superintendents (CS) still cannot be designated on more than 10 jobs. Please see the related Service Notice for how to ensure compliance.
  2. Site Safety Managers and Site Safety Coordinators cannot sign up for jobs that require a Registered Construction Superintendent.
  3. Primary Registered Construction Superintendents must visit all jobs on which they are designated on a daily basis. Exceptions are specified by the Rule.
  4. Registered Construction Superintendents must keep a complete and detailed log of their daily activities.
  5. Registered Construction Superintendents have several required duties, including maintaining a safe construction site, ensuring compliance with approved plans, and correcting unsafe conditions.
Registered Construction Superintendents must designate a competent person in writing (in their daily log) to oversee the construction site at all times active work occurs. The Department of Buildings also disclosed that they intend to enforce compliance with random site visits. If Construction Superintendents do not fulfill their defined responsibilities, they risk revocation of their permits. Furthermore, Construction Superintendents designated on more than 10 jobs risk having all permits revoke with a full Stop Work Order issued- and fines of up to $25,000.

For more information on New York City's Building Code, visit their website. For more information on construction training courses, visit Zack Academy's website - we offer Site Safety Coordinator and Site Safety Manager courses.

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