Thursday, February 2, 2017

HUD Issued Guidance Setting New Dust Lead Action Levels and Clearance Levels for Its Grantees.

Source: Finger Lakes Health Systems Agency
The HUD Office of Lead Hazard Control and Healthy Homes (OLHCHH) issued guidance yesterday setting new dust lead action levels and clearance levels for its grantees. The guidance sets action levels of 10 ug/ft2 for floors and 100 ug/ft2 for windows sills. The same levels will serve as clearance levels on these surfaces. In addition, the guidance sets clearance levels of 100 ug/ft2 for window troughs and 40ug/ft2 for porch floors. These levels are effective April 1, 2017.

This new guidance now means clearance levels for porch floors have been established for the first time. Using research sponsored by HUD and conducted by National Center for Healthy Housing (NCHH) in partnership with the City of Rochester, NY, OLHCHH determined that porch floors can be both a direct exposure source for children and a source of lead dust that can be tracked into the home. In addition to setting a clearance level of 40 ug/ft2 on porches, HUD encourages its grantees to try to attain a level below 10ug/ft2.

Hopefully HUD's plans will lead to non-grantees voluntarily using these action levels. While this is a major positive for lead poisoning prevention, it is still a small step to limiting lead poisoning in a country with 3,000 cities with double the lead levels of Flint, Michigan. Please visit Zack Academy to learn more about lead paint certification training.

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