Monday, January 23, 2017

San Francisco Contractors Fined for Bidding without EPA RRP Certification

According to a story from the North Bay Business Journal, 11 construction firms in the San Francisco bay area were fined for placing bids on jobs without receiving proper lead renovator (RRP) certification. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said the firms were seeking construction work with the San Francisco Unified School District but were not awarded contracts.

While settlements were reached last year, the EPA only announced the fines last week. The below firms were fined and required to receive certification to continue work:

  • Arntz Builders Inc.: $5,000
  • Jeff Luchetti Construction Inc.: $3,000
  • Pinguelo Construction Inc.: $2,000
  • Vila Construction Co.: $1,000
  • Zolman Construction and Development: $9,000 
  • Transworld Construction: $8,000 
  • Rodan Builders: $7,000
  • Roebbelen Contracting: $3,000
  • Rainbow Waterproofing and Restoration Co.: $2,000
  • S.J. Amoroso Construction Co.: $1,000
  • Seven Island Painting: $1,000
“The fines were based on the number of different projects each firm bid on at [the school district] for which EPA had evidence,” said agency spokeswoman Michelle Huitric.

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