Monday, June 20, 2016

New Study Shows In Some US Zip Codes 14% of Children Suffer From Lead Poisoning

According to a new Washington Post article, in some US zip codes, 1 in 7 children suffer from high blood lead levels, mainly through exposure from lead paint.

According to the article, "in certain regions of the country, including parts of New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio, more than 1 in 7 children tested for elevated levels of lead in their blood. Minnesota had the highest overall rate of young children with disturbing blood lead levels, at 10.3 percent. That was followed by Pennsylvania (7.8%), Kentucky (7.1%), Ohio (7%) and Connecticut (6.7%)."

Furthermore, because lead paint is typically found in pre-1978 homes and buildings, exposure appears to be more likely for children in poorer zip codes. This reiterates a study covered in our April blog post, "Lead Paint Violations Significantly Higher in Low Income Areas" and further illustrates that lead exposure, especially from lead paint, is still a major concern for public officials and families in older homes.


Contractors and construction workers have to stay particularly vigilant when working on older homes. If you attend to remove lead, you must be certified for Lead Abatement. If you are working on pre-1978 homes or child occupied facilities you must be a certified Lead Renovator.

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