Wednesday, March 2, 2016

How to Green-Scape and Reduce Waste

It is about time we all (at least us in the north!) begin to wake from our chilly winter slumbers! In its recent GoGreen! Newsletter, the EPA released some tips on reducing waste as spring is just around the corner.

Tips for Home

  • Learn to compost at home. Use food scraps, yard trimmings, and other organic wastes to create a compost pile. Adding the compost you make to soil increases water retention, decreases erosion, and keeps organic materials out of landfills. Prepare for some critters to stop by and check on the smell!!
  • Raise the cutting height of your lawnmower during hot summer months to keep grass roots shaded and cooler, reducing weed growth, browning, and the need for watering.
  • Turn off or unplug lights during the day. Doing so will save energy and help your lights last longer. 
Tips for Students and Schools 

  • If you bring your lunch to school, package it in reusable containers instead of disposable ones. Carry food in reusable plastic or cloth bags, and bring drinks in a thermos instead of disposable bottles or cartons.
  • Remember to recycle your cans and bottles after you finish eating. 
  • Work with your teachers to set up a composting program at school.

Tips for Work 

  • Make your printer environmentally friendly. Change your printer settings to make double-sided pages. Use small point fonts when possible and use the “fast draft" setting when possible to save ink.
  • Pay your bills via e-billing programs when possible to save paper. 
  • Use paperclips (over staples) when possible.

Tips for Communities

  • Be smart with your smart phone! It contains precious raw materials. Learn how to keep your information and our environment safe when donating your old device.
  • Donate old electronics!

Tips for Travel

  • Hot summer days make you thirsty. Be sure to recycle your used drink containers. Consider putting a filter on your water tap and refilling bottles with the filtered water. Instead of buying many small drink bottles, buy drink mixes in bulk and fill your reusable bottles.
  • Share the ride and the road. Public transportation and carpooling reduce pollution. 

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